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Last Updated: 11 May 2023

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Selected Press & Publications about Polina Zioga

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Lawrence, L. (2022) Was Enheduanna the World’s First Author?. Interview with Polina Zioga. Interviewed by L. Lawrence for AramcoWorld, March / April.

Zioga, P. (2019) Culture Crossover: Interactive Filmmaking Lab adds immersion to movies. Interview with Polina Zioga. Interviewed by T. Macaulay for TechWorld, 27 September.

Webber, J.E. and Stephens, D. (2018) Will mind-controlled films change cinema? Chips with Everything podcast. [Podcast]. Interview with Dr Polina Zioga and David Schwartz for The Guardian, 27 July.

DCA Dundee Contemporary Arts (2016) Researching new technologies in DCA Print Studio. [Online interview with Polina Zioga]. 17 February 2016.

Naoussa International Film Festival (2013) ;;;->->?!?!(1,2,3...15)!!! POLINA ZIOGA, 9TH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL OF AG. DIMITRIOS. In: 10VE CINEMA – 10TH NAOUSSA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Naoussa International Film Festival, Naoussa 2013, p. 88.

Kathimerini (2013) Mikroi mathites pernoun isititrio gia festival. In: ΚΑΤΗΙΜΕΡΙΝΙ, CULTURE section, printed edition, 24/9/2013, p. 13, online edition, 25/9/2013. (in Greek)

Fragoulopoulou, Z. (2012) (Un)hidden layers.


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