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Last Updated: 11 April 2024

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"This Place Has Its Own Air" Data-Driven Video-Installation

Research & Interaction Design: Dr Polina Zioga and Dr Catherine M. Weir.
Producing & Animation: Dr Polina Zioga.
Programming & Visual Effects: Dr Catherine M. Weir.

This Place Has Its Own Air is a work-in-progress, a data-driven video-installation and proof of concept for urban air quality data visceralisation. Its title is based on the seminal memoir The Living Mountain (1977) by Nan Shepherd, and is concerned with the effect of the city’s air (man-made polluted environment) on the body. The video-installation uses the real-time air quality data of the city where it is presented, with the aim to create an evocative visualisation of the effect of air pollution on the body; aesthetically immerse the audiences, enabling them to have a real-time glimpse of the air they breathe; and increase their awareness of the need for reducing environmental pollution.

Data Visceralisation, Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Media, Interactive Video, Processing.

‘This Place Has Its Own Air’ proof of concept (Zioga and Weir 2023).

Publications and Outputs
- Zioga, P., and Weir, C. M. (2023) ‘This Place Has Its Own Air’: A Proof of Concept for Urban Air Quality Data Visceralisation. In: DCAC 2023 5th International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges. Corfu, Greece & Online, 12-13 May 2023.
- Zioga, P., and Weir, C. M. (2023) This Place Has Its Own Air. [Data-driven video-installation, dimensions variable, colour, audio mute].