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Last Updated: October 18, 2014

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News - Upcoming Events


September 2014: Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival 2014 (Vaasa, Finland)

August 2014: "Digital Art Collections" Video Art Exhibition (Nea Smirni, Greece)

July 2014: Festival Miden 2014 (Kalamata, Greece)

May-June 2014: Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab (Brussels, Belgium) / Mackintosh Building Fire Fund (Glasgow, UK)

April 2014: Places and Technologies 2014 (Belgrade, Serbia)

March 2014: Oslo Screen Festival 2014 (Oslo, Norway)

February 2014: H O M E | Women's Networks: Athens (Greece) / "Where Am I at Home?" based on an essay by Agnes Heller

January 2014: HOME network-Event #1 "Connect and Pray_" (Thessaloniki, Greece)

December 2013: BLIKSEMEDITIE (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) / Award at the 13th European Meeting of Youth Audiovisual Creation (Ilia Prefecture, Greece)

October-November 2013: Contemporary Hotel Bloom! (Brussels, Belgium) / TEA Museum (Tenerife, Spain) / DYNAMO project-space (Thessaloniki, Greece)

September 2013: 10th Naoussa International Film Festival 2013 (Naoussa, Greece)

June-August 2013: Northern Video Art Network, NOVA

May 2013: Stiftelsen 3,14 International Contemporary Art Foundation (Bergen, Norway)

April 2013: Kulter. Gallery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

March 2013: Peanut Underground (New York City, USA)

February 2013: Sazmanab Platform (Teheran, Iran)

January 2013: Mori+Stein GALLERY (London, UK)

December 2012: Season's Greetings!


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